360 Diamond - Triplet Table Loupe

360 Diamond  -  Triplet Table Loupe
Product Code: 812-802

360° Swivel Magnifier

360 Diamond Triplet Loupe completely new design and invent by ‘Bhavna Industries’. Its not copy from others designs or product, Whole new concept and originally manufactured by us.

It specially made for diamond industry and perfectly suitable to diamond trader, who sorting, checking and grading diamond.

360 degree horizontally rotate lens and eye piece adjust vertically. By adjusting lens horizontally it provide more working space than ordinary tripod so, you will sorting large amount of diamond without wasting your time.

  • 10x Achromatic Triplet Lens
  • 21.50 MM Lens Diameter
  • Color Corrected Lens for correct view
  • Clear Edge View
  • Optical Clarity
  • Durable Mat Finish Surface
  • Ultimate in Distortion Free Image........
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