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Heptagon - Checker Gem Triplet Loupe
Design is what "Bhavna" offers you. New Design Loupe, it’s better than older model, its provi..
Heptagon - Cube Professional Triplet  Loupe
New Design Loupe, very eye catching style. Specially made from high grade Brass metal. Ne..
Hexagon Triplet Loupe 21 MM Lens
Made from solid Aluminum Body with hard Anodize Plating. Also available in Brass. Loupe with ..
Professional Sieve Plate Set 42 Plate
The best Sieves for sorting rough and polished diamonds. Made as per highest industrial speci..
Round Loupe Triplet Lens 21 MM
Available in Hard Chrome Plating and Mat Finish Surface to avoid Reflection. Color Correc..
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